History of Crackers

Make your occasion go with a bang!
Crackers were invented in 1840 by Tom Smith, a London confectioner. On a trip to Paris he came across the ‘bon bon’, a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of tissue paper.
He brought the idea back to London where he added a love note. These ‘bon bons’ sold well at Christmas but he wanted to develop them further so they could be sold at other times as well. The crackle of his log fire gave him the inspiration to develop a snap.
The snap was a narrow strip of chemically-impregnated paper which could be ignited by the friction of the cracker being pulled. Tom then replaced the almond or lolly with a gift, added a paper hat and so created what we now call the cracker.
Ever since Tom Smith’s day crackers have remained an essential ingredient of every Christmas. No celebration would be complete without the jokes, silly prizes and paper hats!
History of YourCrackers
I love everything about crackers; the construction, the bang, the anticipation of a present, the joke, the hat, so I thought why limit this fun to just Christmas? Why not have crackers at any time of year? What lovelier way to thank dinner guests than with a small present? Why not have a “mass pull” at a wedding? Or what a great ice-breaker at a corporate event.
I have taken the whole cracker concept one step further with the possibility of personalising them to your needs as well as selecting quality gifts and of course slightly better jokes!
I hope you agree this is a great concept and decide to have some crackers at your next party. If you do, I’d love to hear how the crackers went down.
Emma Barrett

Founder of YourCrackers

Here at YourCrackers we never forget that they are your crackers!
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