Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like any of the sample papers shown here?
Tell us what colours you like and we will happily send you some sample swatches. Alternatively you can send us a sample of paper or fabric that you do like and we will be happy to look for it or something similar.

What decoration can I have on my crackers?
Whatever you like. Many customers have decorated their crackers with their company logo for example. We have shown some styles which we like but please let us know if you have any of your own suggestions and we will endeavour to find what you want. Prices will be adjusted to reflect costs.

Can I use my own gifts?
Certainly, we can supply crackers either ready-filled or open at one end for you to fill and then tie up with gift ribbon which we also supply.

Is there a minimum order size?
Yes, 30 crackers is the minimum order.

How do I place an order?
You can email or telephone. We will then get in touch with you asap to confirm details.

How quickly will I receive my crackers?
As all our crackers are handmade and personalised for you it normally takes us two weeks after receipt of your order to send them out.

For larger orders (50 crackers or more) it may take a little longer so try to give us four weeks notice if you can.

Do you ship to other countries besides the UK?
Yes. Just tell us which country and we’ll calculate the postage when we receive your order. Due to safety restrictions crackers can not be sent by air.

Will my details be shared with third parties?
Never. All customer details will remain totally confidential.

Are these crackers safe?
Yes if you follow these safety instructions:
Grasp the ends of the cracker firmly in order to ensure a tight grip of the snap.
Always pull the crackers away from your face and at arms length.
Do not pull the snap outside the cracker.
Ensure that crackers are pulled away from breakable objects, other people and pets.
Keep away from naked flames.
Are these crackers suitable for children?
Crackers are unsuitable for children under 36 months as they may contain a sharp point or edge or small parts which may constitute a choking hazard.

Hen Party crackers may contain adult gifts.

Here at YourCrackers we never forget that they are your crackers!
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